Scores and ratings: A brief guide

At the end of each post I’ll add a little score guide of the museum. These, like the rest of the blog, are completely subjective to my opinion and are primarily an entertaining way of breaking down certain aspects of the museum. To try and avoid confusion however I will explain. I may occasionally add or alter these, but I will try not to do this too much.

Taxidermy rating: ~/15
Taxidermy is nearly always present in some for at older museums, and even occasionally art galleries. It can be something of a contentious topic . When rating the taxidermy the scale runs from: 1 very little/ well presented to 15 a great deal or too much / poorly presented . a score of 0  indicates no apparent taxidermy.

Toilet score: ~/5

The facilities are rated on cleanliness, smell, style, state of repair, accessibility and hand dryer quality. Only the male toilets will be rated, which tend to score lower. a score of 0 is not fit for human use a score of 5 is perfection.

Trail: Yes/ No

Was a trail available? Some times I will do the trail or make my own in which case a brief comment on said trail will follow

Dead people: Yes/No

Another touchy subject with museums. Can you expect some form of human remains? If yes then a comment will follow. I will not be bringing my own.

Overall Score: ~/10

A score out of 10. rated from 1, very very bad, to  10, perfect.

Website : A link to the Museum website or the nearest thing if available.


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